Tokyo Linux Users Group

Tokyo Linux Users Group

If you are into Linux and you live in or are visiting Tokyo you should consider looking TLUG up.

TLUG has "Technical Meetings" once every two months with "nomikai" every other month. The technical meetings are as you can imagine a time where we get together and someone from the group will present on a topic that interest them. The nomikai (and there is normally one after a tech meeting as well) is basically a get together over some food and drinks.

The group also has a pretty active mailing list. The ML is not super stict on "how" you participate but it is a technical list and as such people are encouraged to follow the basic posting rules common on most lists. If you are new to tech mailing lists then I suggest you read the list policy and associated links found on the same page.Don't let the policy scare you off. They really are there for a reason and do make everyones life much easier in the end.

If you do not, have not and never intend to visit or live in Japan you are still encouraged to join the TLUG ML. At present I would estimate that most list members are not currently living in Japan.

Whilst TLUG is predominantly an English speaking group non-English speakers are always encouraged to attend and participate. If you speak Japanese then you are in luck as many of the existing members can as well

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Sun 10 Aug 2008, 17:07