Test mirror of www.bawdo.com

I have been meaning to try out EC2 for a couple of years now. Finally did so a few days ago. It is extremely easy to get a basic instance up and running.

The site you are on now is currently hosted on a micro instance and is for testing only. Feel free to leave a comment (if it works), however if www.bawdo.com does eventually migrate over to EC2 I will likely burn this instance away. Including any content or comments left here now.

Anyway, back to EC2. I chose a basic Amazon provided micro AMI. I have not dug into it too much but it appears to be CentOS based. It is a minimal install so here is what I installed in order to setup this test instance.

1. gcc - sudo yum install gcc

2. git (compiled from source)

3. rvm

4. Ruby - install via rvm

5. Ruby on Rails - install via rvm

6. Required gems for this site.

7. screen - sudo yum install screen

And so far that is about it.

The instance has been online for around 72 hours and I have taken two snapshots of the EBS containing my root volume. The bill so far is USD 1.72.

tags: bawdo.com, ec2

Sat 06 Nov 2010, 16:20


I now have the test site also running on nginx + passenger and behind an elastic IP address. Will probably leave things as they are for a month and see how things go before migrating the site over completely.


Keith, Long time no hear or see. My wife is on facebook and I went on and searched for your name. Ended up finding this site. I have no Idea if this will get to you. I might have to join facebook to see your profile (I told myself I would never do that). I am on linkeden as well so might try that. I heard you went overseas. Hope you are well.

Matt Boothman