Do you have meat?


Kaori and I went out for supplies (the new word for food shopping here in Japan) earlier today. There were a lot more people than usual walking around.

Some were carrying bags from the local shop, others were simply taking a walk, and some were queuing for water.

Lots of shelves were bare, but there was still a lot of things to buy. We got some of the last milk on offer, and we had to line up for around 45 minutes to reach the cash register. Other than that there was nothing exciting going on.

However, the third floor was damaged by water and is closed. I assume it was a burst water pipe up there. So we could not get any gas refills for our gas cooker, but other than that we got everything we need.

Besides potatoes, carrots and some other basics we bought some mince, steak and sausages. So we now have around 10kg of meat in the freezer. A 3kg lump of pork, and around 6 kg of Genghis Kahn.

So my mum can relax. One of the questions she asked when I called was, "do you have enough meat"?

Yep we do now :-)

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Sun 13 Mar 2011, 14:28


So you are both well and okay compared to others