Yapc::Asia 2012


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The worlds biggest YAPC

I attended my third YAPC::Asia conference in September of 2012. The new venue was swanky and well located. Except of course that earlier this year I moved to within a 15 minute walk of the old venue only to have it move to a 35 minute train ride away.

This year like every other I had the opportunity to catch up with a few friends that travel from abroad to attend. Hanging out with geek mates is really what conferences are all about for me. Whilst I enjoy most of the talks I really get more out of catching up and geeking out in the foyer with friends - old and new.

The atmosphere of the conference is noob friendly. So much so that a talentless hack like myself can have a chat with people that are core developers of various projects (including Perl 6, NYTProf and more), and not be mocked at every turn. Thanks boffins, you know who you are.

Whilst I do not use Perl at work any more I still enjoy these conferences, but I would really like to get to a YAPC in both the EU and the US some time. Next year maybe.

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Tue 02 Oct 2012, 23:07