SHFS - SHell FileSystem

Mount directories over ssh

I have been trialling shfs as a replacement for NFS.  Whilst NFS can be lightning fast I\'m not a fan of the security options (or lack thereof).

SHFS - SHell FileSystem is a kernel module that allows you to mount remote resources over a …

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Mystery Tour

The Mystery tour is something I made to try out the google maps API. I have a database with around 5.5 million locations from around the world. Each location has latitude and longitude coordinates, location name and location type. From this database I pull a random location and pass …

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Geek Test

Computer God - maybe not

Reading through a mate's blog the other day I found a reference to a geek test, so I decided to take it.

Not sure if the result is accurate - …

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Automatically reattach to a screen session after logging in via ssh

The following code when added to your .bashrc file will, after logging in via ssh, look for any unattached screen sessions and automatically attach to the first one found. If only attached sessions are found then a list of these will be outputted to std out. Finally, If there …

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Places no faces

Royal Gardens

St. Petersberg 2006

The Kremlin

Moscow 2006

City Lights

Hong Kong 2005

Minato Mirai

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