I host my dotfiles on github.

I only have a few up there at the moment and have not pushed any changes for a while but they are there for all and sundry: vimrc, zshrc, muttrc, muttrc-colors and gitconfig.

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Test mirror of

I have been meaning to try out EC2 for a couple of years now. Finally did so a few days ago. It is extremely easy to get a basic instance up and running.

The site you are on now is currently hosted on a micro instance and is …

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Kindle Browser

I have had a Kindle 2 since they became Internationally available in October 2009 and have only ever used the browser once to access Wikipedia. It was not an Earth shattering experience, but hey it is a great e-book reader.

Tonight however I decided to take a look …

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Don't spit in the drinking water!

I came across this awesome photo today. In particular I like the text within the box.


Here is a Japanese translation of the above sign. Thanks Kaori & Emi.






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Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 on Mac OSX 10.5

Macs come with Ruby and Rails installed by default. However, the versions shipped are often older versions, and you are pretty much pegged to Apple's upgrade cycle. For example, my completely up to date Mac OSX 10.5.8 install is running ruby 1.8.6, gem 1.0.1 and rails 1.2.6.

The goal …

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