First a blog now facebook

What next?

For no particular reason I have never been interested in social networking sites, or writing a blog. However, about a year ago a friend sent me an invitation to join Linkedin. I signed up and within a couple of days I was back in touch with …

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Tokyo Linux Users Group

Tokyo Linux Users Group

If you are into Linux and you live in or are visiting Tokyo you should consider looking TLUG up.

TLUG has "Technical Meetings" once every two months with "nomikai" every other month. The technical meetings are as you can imagine a time …

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Using the modem in KDDI phones for mobile Internet connectivity

A 2.4 Mbps connection with a mobile phone

This is related to an earlier blog I wrote about connecting my W41H up. I have recently bought a new W52T and found the setup is identical so I though I would elaborate on my earlier post within the context …

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Convert a MySQL DB from latin1 to UTF8

C'mon utf-8 :-)

I had a utf8 collated MySQL 4.1 db that contained both English and Japanese text. I dumped the data and then tried to migrate it into my new MySQL 5.0.26 installation. Of course being a bit lazy I did not take the time to check …

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StarDict - an excellent replacement for gjiten and rikaichan

Sorry gjiten & rikaichan

"Gjiten is [an excellent] Japanese language dictionary program for Gnome". It has served me well for several years, but yesterday I found a better tool - StarDict.

Gjiten and StarDict both use the EDICT (and other) dictionary files, as …

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